Free Downloadable Valentines Day Cards!

bobo design studio- free valentines day cards

Valentines day is not exactly my favorite time of year.  It's just so much pressure to be cheesy and in love.


 I don't need "a special day" for my man to tell me "hey, I like you so much that I went to Walmart on my way here and picked up this heart shaped box of chocolates." True love is when he waits till Feb 15th and buys ALL the chocolate for you at 75% off.  Frugal and thoughtful? Thats my kind of man!

One thing I do love about Valentines day is the exchange of cards. For my husband and I, this is like a sport. Who can give the more hilarious card?  Last year he got me this...

Card from the Oatmeal. 

Card from the Oatmeal. 

This year, I threw around a few ideas, and well I liked them all.  So instead of just hoarding 4 cards for myself, I thought I'd share them with all of you! The "Me Love You Long Time" card is available as a pdf in the link below.  No need to sign up for anything, you just click and print!  

All you need is some cardstock, glue (or double sided tape) and an envelope.  This PDF will print to a 5x7 and will fit in any standard card envelope that you steal from Target (I don't condone stealing envelopes from Target).  

PDF Download of Free Valentines Day Card

There is something for everyone!  Maybe you are an 80's/ 90's kid and DAMN RIGHT if Salt n' Peppa was yo' jam!  Or maybe, you just really love food and you want your significant other to know that while you love them, you aren't IN love with them, so they gonna have to duke it out with Nachos for the top spot.  Or maybe you are sweet, and love otters, because who doesn't love otters? Either way, if you do like the other three cards, fill out the form below and I'll send these PDF's straight to your inbox! Thuper easy!

source: giphy, and BRIDESMAIDS!!! duh.

source: giphy, and BRIDESMAIDS!!! duh.

bobo_blog_valentines day cards_full size-5678.jpg
all you need is cardstock, glue, and someone to give this to!

all you need is cardstock, glue, and someone to give this to!

bobo design studio - free downloadable valentines day cards

Hope who ever you give this to loves it!

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First Name




FREEBIE- Free Downloadable Valentines Day Cards in Feb

bobo design studio- free funny downloadable valenties day cards! Freebie giveaways are fun!

As a thank you to my readers, I am giving away a free downloadable Valentines Day card that you can print at home starting on February 1st!  

Suck it Hallmark! I'm "disrupting" the holiday card market!

You can give these incredibly thoughtful, romantic, and hilarious cards to your spouse, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, or that crush of yours who is clearly weirded out by you but you still stalk anyway and thats why you aren't with them.  It's really up to you.

I have 4 cards that I'll be making available.  I'll post the first one here on the blog on Feb 1st for all to have, and if you sign up for my newsletter, you will get 3 more to choose from that will be sent to your inbox! 

bobo design studio- free downloadable valentines day card

Everyday Foods to Avoid Before Yoga

One of my first times ever doing yoga, I went in not expecting a super intense workout. However, I walked out of that studio with rock solid abs. Not because the practice was particularly hard, but because the painfully intense silence meant that it took everything within my core to not toot every time I had to bend over, warrior pose, or inhale deeply.  

Im not a yoga expert by any means, but I learned what was probably the most valuable lesson that day. 

Don't eat 3 Doritos Locos Taco Supremes with a large sparkling water within 2 hours of a yoga class. SAVE IT FOR AFTER.

So with all of this wisdom and knowledge, I figured I'd share my other list of everyday foods that you should pass on if you plan on going to a Yoga class shortly after.  

bobo design studio - foods to avoid before yoga


Death Before Decaf

Who is with me on this one?! I've talked at great length about my coffee addition. I go to the same coffee shop every morning, and I get the same thing. A medium roast coffee with cold soy and one packet of raw sugar.  I can tell if the coffee is burned, or if its not the right blend because I have the same thing every damn day.  Medium roast has the right amount of caffeine to bring me from "crotchety old mean woman", to "pleasant and put together Angie."  One thing is true... I will go thirsty and dehydrate myself before I go near a pot of decaf.  

Some good friends of mine agree with me. So much so that they wanted to make a shirt about it. This was one of the designs that did not make the final cut, but was still a hit. So I've gone and put this up on zazzle, so if you are feeling this, go ahead and swing on by to Zazzle by clicking on the photo!

Am I alone here?

bobo design studio_no fucking clue watercolor

Sometimes I wake up in the morning with every intention of taking on the day like a BO$$. I work from home and have a rigid routine that starts with me leaving the house for coffee every morning. This forces me to function like a normal human being, instead of rotting away in the same clothes for 4 days, disappointing my husband every time he walks through the door at the end of the day. Once I get that first cup of caffeine down, I feel like a whole new woman!

Spreadsheets?! I got this.  Emails? No problem.  But then sometimes, there are days, where I just sit and stare at my inbox, flooded with requests, and to do lists, and reports, and wonder what the hell I am doing.  It's like being in a food coma, only, I haven't eaten... in fact, im hungry, im always hungry.  But the haze isn't from that either. I can't be alone here.

What are some tricks that you use to get through the workday blues?

bobo design studio_no fucking clue watercolor 2

OMG Dachshund Pins!

I have a thing for wieners. WIENER DOGS that is! I own two and they are the absolute center of my entire being. My husband is probably reading this now questioning his role in my life. Sorry babe, you come third! I have an unhealthy obsession with my wieners. There. I said it! I'm a wiener lover and I'm proud!

I've done a lot of dachshund art, but decided to take it to the next level. I designed these Wiener Dog lapel pins as an homage to Dachshunds! I love collecting all things doxie related which makes birthdays and holidays really easy for my friends. If you know someone who has a dachshund they are automatically considered a "crazy wiener dog lady or guy" and this pin is the PERFECT gift.

I made a limited run of them, so be sure to grab one while you can!  You can find these in my store, on my Etsy page!

Limited edition Wiener Dog Pin, designed by bobo design studio!

Limited edition Wiener Dog Pin, designed by bobo design studio!

And we're back!

Oh hai there.  Missed you!  It’s been a hot minute since I’ve been in here. Things just got really crazy. My “9-5” job got really busy, I got a couple of really fun freelance gigs that pulled me away from creating fun content for you… oh, and I got married then went to Mexico on a honeymoon. But now I’m back, and slowly trying to piece my life together. I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things shortly!

I loved everything about my wedding, and still catch myself laughing to myself over some of the amazing moments that took place that weekend. However, one of the worst things about a wedding is that you have to pay for it. Wedding's aren't cheap, and they certainly aren't free. Coming back from my honeymoon to see my depleted bank account was a little upsetting, but I’m hoping to ramp up with some new pieces for my store, and pick up some custom orders and be back on my way!

Everyone has such great advice and words of wisdom for newlyweds. There are sweet cards about how exciting of a time it is.  But no one really speaks of this. Like, where is Hallmark with this card?